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Allergy Box Spring Covers

Completely Banish Allergens &
Dust Mites from Your Bed

All these covers effectively blocks the particles that cause allergies.

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Buying factory direct saves money AND gives you the best allergy products available.

All made in USA!

 Important Tips:

1.   Any of our mattress covers can be used for your box spring if you prefer a more durable and washable alternative. The vinyl for example is just an inexpensive option if you feel you dont ever want to wash it. Consider the SMS dust mite cover as a a good option as well.

2. Remember to consider completing your set for total dust mite protection. You can select all items for your set when on any product page. Just look on the right side of the screen, check the product and then choose the appropriate size. 

4. Still confused? Call us at (877) 771-3322 and speak with our experts who can help.

5.The "Select to Compare" function can give you a quick idea of the difference between the fabrics

6. If you want to feel the fabrics first please email  and we can mail you our free swatches.
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