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Simple Fabric Description Private Label Name We invite you to check out these sites below to see for yourself what you can save! Blend Pore Size Claim
PolyCotton/Polyester with no Membrane Bed Care Supreme™ All Polyester 4.3
  Bed Care Ultra™ Blend Polyester & Cotton 5.3
  Bed Care Elegance™ All Polyester 2.9
  Pristine Complete All Polyester 2.4
  Pristine Basic All Polyester 8
  Pristine Complete All Polyester 2
  Allersoft 60% Polyester/ 40% Cotton 3.9
  Clean Rest/Micron one™ Bed Bath and Beyond All Polyester 1
  Allergy Armor Advanced ® All Polyester 6
  Allergy Armor Cotton Blend® 60% Polyester/ 40% Cotton 3.9
  Allergy Armor Ultra™ All Polyester 2.8
  From Our Factory
  Pristine   All Polyester 2.8
  Allersoft Cotton 100% Cotton 4.9
Polycotton with Urethane Membrane Cotton Polyester blend 50% Polyester/ 50% Cotton NA
  Polycotton Blend 50% Polyester/ 50% Cotton NA
  Allergy Armor Classic® 50% Polyester/ 50% Cotton NA
  From Our Factory
  Poly Cotton with Membrane 50% Polyester/ 50% Cotton NA
Stretch Knit polyester with Urethane Membrane      
  Soft Block™ Polyester Knit NA
  Lightweight Stretch Polyester Polyester Knit NA
  Bed Care Classic™ Polyester Knit NA
  From Our Factory
  Stretch Knit w/ Membrane Polyester Knit NA
6 gauge zippered vinyl boxspring cover All these retailers sell the same vinyl covers. Be sure to get only 5-6 G as 3-4 Gauge is what is offered at discounters and will rip
Tricot Knit polyester      
  Economy Cover Light Polyester Knit NA
  Economy lite™ Light Polyester Knit NA
  From Our Factory
  Tricot Knit Light Polyester Knit NA
Non woven SMS      
  Bed Care Basic™ NonWoven NA
  From Our Factory
  SMS NonWoven NA
100% Cotton no Membrane      
  Pure Cotton 100% Cotton 6.8
  From Our Factory
  100% Cotton Allersoft 100% Cotton 4.9
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