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Important Tips:

1. All the mattress encasements are dust mite proof. The differences are really about comfort so take some time to read about the differences. Our buyers guide makes it simple.

2. Remember to consider completing your set for total dust mite protection. You can select all items for your set when on any product page. Just look on the right side of the screen, check the product and then choose the appropriate size.

3. When choosing a box spring cover, remember that our "mattress covers" and " box spring" covers are all constructed the same and are interchangeable. We do offer some less expensive options which can be found on our box spring cover section and are ONLY recommended for your box springs. 

4. Still confused? Call us at (877) 771-3322 and speak with our experts who can help.

5. The "Select to Compare" function can give you a quick idea of the difference between the fabrics

6. If you want to feel the fabrics first please contact us and we can mail you our free swatches.

Allergy Featherbed Covers 2 Inch

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