Fabric Specs

  100% Organic Cotton 100% Cotton Allersoft Paramount Tranquil
Starting Cost
for a Pillow
$24.99 $14.99 $9.99 $5.99
Starting Cost for
a Mattress
$109.99 $49.99 $27.99 $18.99
Description Certified Organic cotton cover for those with additional skin sensitivities, but still want an allergy proof cover with a small pore size. 100% cotton with one of the smallest pore sizes available. Cool and soft. Soft 100% polyester knit with a quiet urethane membrane. Allergy proof, waterproof and Bed Bug proof. A bonded 3 layer fabric of polypropylene 3 layer fabric. Not waterproof and light weight.
Great option for those who… Have other skin sensitivities like Psoriasis as well as allergies and want organic only fabrics. Those who want a cool natural cotton product and tend to be hotter when sleeping. Those who want the highest level of protection but tend not to be warm when sleeping. Also those who are concerned about Bed Bugs and feel waterproof is an advantage. Those who are on a budget and do not need a waterproof product and are not as concerned with the fabrics feel.
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime 10 Year
Pros Totally soft and comfortable, small pore size with no added chemicals of any kind Softest, coolest and most light weight feeling product with a low pore size. Total protection, allergy and bed bug proof and still very soft. Most economical
Cons Most Expensive and recommended washings limited to a few times per year Recommended washings only every few months, not weekly. Tends to be warmer to sleep with. Not as durable and washable.
Average Pore
4.91 3.44 No Pores
More Input for you to consider Unless you have a really bad skin allergy to bleach and don’t place Organic fibers at the top of your "must have" list, this product is not as sensible. Our most popular product based on customers needs: soft, quiet, cool, low pore size and natural. No real cons. Over 80% of our customers who purchase a membrane cover, purchase BedCare since it is the softest fabric available with a membrane. Even though it has no cotton, it is a knit and feel like jersey. Economy is a great option for box springs certainly less expensive. Consider this product if you are really adhering to a budget and don’t need waterproof or Bed Bug proofing and don’t want to wash it often.