Customer Reviews and Feedback

See our products reviewed in the September 2010 issue of GoodHousekeeping Magazine and the December 2010 issue of Woman's World!

Great Company!
You have great products but more importantly you are a great company. I have been amazed with customer service that I have received from your company. At every step of the way, I have had a positive experience. From the initial order, the representative (Tammy?) was knowledgeable and through in working with me to get my order correct. They even worked with me to get reduced shipping which showed me that they were focusing on service and not on the sale. I actually ordered much more than I initially planned or even needed because I quickly trusted your representative. If that was the end of the story, I would still hgihly recommend your company. However, my order was incomplete when I received it. This could have been a negative experience but instead was yet another positive. I made a quick phone call and the issue was pleasantly corrected. In this economy, your company seems to understand that success is more than making an extra nickel from your customers but sincerely focusing on doing the right thing.  

I have two regrets. First, I dont get to deal with your company for all of my shopping needs and two, I dont own stock in your company.

 I am impressed.-Will

Best Allergy Barrier Ever Made
Quality best I have found, price best for any brand, cooler sleep. I have purchased many different brands of bedding barriers over the past 5 years. These are the highest quality, 100% cotton, coolest and easy care machine washable with minimal shrinkage of any product I have found. Other brands are many times the price. Wish I had found you sooner! - Jacqueline

Loving Our Mattress and Pillow Covers 

“After taking my 13 year old for allergy tests I was told he was allergic to dust mites. He had issues with a cough and runny nose. I purchased Allergy Guard box spring and mattress covers for both his and my full beds, along with 4 pillow cases. His improvement was remarkable. It is an investment well worth it.”  - Carol Ann Brown

What a Great Product! 

“I was just looking for any featherbed cover, and was amazed to find I could get dust mite protection and quality fabric for a much lower price from AllergyGuardDirect than "regular" name brand featherbed covers. Then I got the pillow protectors too, they'll really extend the life of my down pillows.”  - Diane Adams

Can't Wait to Go on Vacation! 
“I bought this (travel mattress cover) because it will be easy to pack and it can be put on different sized beds. We will also sleep better knowing that no creepy crawlies will bite us while we sleep. My husband seems to get bit on every vacation no matter how nice the hotel. Hopefully it will wash and pack nicely.”  - Susana

Cool Covers 
“This is the first time I have ever had complete mattress and box spring covers rather than a mattress pad. After comparing all the products at Allergyguard and at other companies, I decided to try the 100% cotton covers with no membrane. I find them excellent. They are cool, quiet and well made. Shipping was fast. Customer service is excellent. My allergies to dust are not severe, so I can't really comment on the effectiveness of the covers, except to say that I wake up without any allergy symptoms. Also I have peace of mind because the covers have a lifetime guarantee and I can't imagine any product that is better than this one.” - Susan Tevlin 

Awesome Product- I Highly Recommend

“I got the less expensive one and was not comfortable at night- the mattress cover did not breath. I had to get the most expensive one. But Allergy Guard Direct took back the first one with no questions asked and refunded my money. TheAllersoft is great. Very comfortable and breathable. I did not use any allergy covers before this product. After extensive research I called AllergyGuard and got great customer service. The prices were good compared to other companies. I first bought the Polycotton and had to upgrade to 100% cotton. Supposedly the Poly works for most people but I found that it did not breath. I am very happy with my mattress cover and pillow covers and my husband (who does not have allergies) is thrilled that I breath better and does not notice the covers at all. I HIGHLY recommend this company and will not buy from anywhere else. (And I never never write reviews...but thought this was a worthy cause!)” - Atara 

Great Product
“I noticed a huge difference in my mornings after I put my mattress cover on. It is quiet and feels just like a regular sheet. It in no way makes me feel hot at night like old plastic mattress covers. It was worth every penny. I am noticeably less congested in the mornings.” - Gina

Don't Even Know It Is There! (Except for the lack of sinus problems, of course!) 
“I was recently diagnosed with a severe dust mite allergy that caused me to wake up each morning with a headache and sinus pain. Part of the doctor's instructions were to dust mite-proof my bed. I'd seen horror stories online of mattress covers being hot, sticky and noisy, so I was leery. After reading the description of this product, I decided to give it a shot. FABULOUS! I don't know it is on the bed! I have noticed no change in sleep temperature, no other noises or anything else related to the mattress cover. Best of all, I'm not waking up with headaches any more. This product really is the soft, durable and breathable product advertised on the site. For what it's worth, I also purchased the pillow covers and equally recommend those!” - Meredith

I am very pleased with Allergy Guard Direct.
I ordered mattress and box spring covers as well as pillow protectors for all the beds in my household. The products arrived quickly. The quality is excellent and the prices are far lower than what I found at competitor’s online sites as well as in brick and mortar stores in my area. I would highly recommend Allergy Guard Direct and would not hesitate to order from this company again. Thank you for such high quality products and speedy service.- Carolyn Poeppel

Loving my new mattress cover
I love my new mattress and box spring covers. The product is made very well and I am very pleased. The mattress cover and pillow covers are very cool to sleep on. It is a great feeling to wake up and be able to breathe clearly!! - Nancy

Good product; also works for sleepnumber bed
Product shipped in time. I was worried about how this would work with our sleep number bed. I just opened up the seam a bit to get the hoses through, with threat and needle stitched it back together and it worked great. No more sneezing :) I would definitely recommend this product and this company.- Anja

Allersoft covers are a dream come true!
Both my husband and myself have dust mite allergies. I was relieved that the website was so clear in helping the customer to choose the right product, and we have been extremely happy with our choice of the Allersoft Cotton covers for our mattress and pillows. Our allergies were much improved immediately and the covers are incredibly comfortable. I will absolutely by this product again. - Kate

Great Product

I bought 4 of these pillowcases in March of 2009, and they have worked perfectly ever since. They were very well made, and work as advertised. The pillow feels excatly the same, with no difference in the sleeping experience, except for the added protection. - David Riley

Very Pleased
I am very pleased with everything about the AllerSoft Cotton covers - they are outstanding. I ordered from you because this is USA-made product. I would recommend you to friends. Thank you for the quality workmanship- Deb Cushing